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Making money from within the Music Industry!

Not every aspiring musician will make a name for themselves while working within the music mainstream, but you can still make a decent living even though you may not be riding high.

Some even say the real money is outside of a recording contract. I know that a lot more jobs exist within the industry for non musicians. True, the industry relies on outside forces to make the whole package work as a business. It has always seemed to be like this...

Within the record company are the personnel who support the execs, the A&R people, secretaries, the
Accountants and the general office staff. Then you have the recording studio with their crew of engineers, administrators, producers, the songwriters, publishers and session musicians.

Mastering of the recordings are usually sub-contracted out and these facilities have their own crew working and earning as well. The product, usually a CD also needs to be pressed at a plant and this will require a graphic artist to work on the cover. The artwork …

Antibalas at Islington

Antibalas is another word for bulletproof. Antibalas the band have a strong affinity with Africa in general and West Africa in particular.

Their West African connection and influence is expressed in the Afrobeat music they play so well. The beginnings of their musical quest as an Afrobeat orchestra started over a decade ago and their steady progress, has been an eye opener.

African style beats enhanced with Soul/R&B guitars make up a rhythm section that carries the funk to the listener or dancer. Sleek, fusion style keyboard work takes the music to a different level and creates an exciting, groovy and dance orientated mood for the listener. Top it all up with a jazzy horn arrangement and you are playing Afro beat, the most exciting sound around today. Song lyrics are usually satire and some are social messages highlighting the struggles of everyday life.

Although my description may sound oversimplified, it is. Afro beats is not easy to play and it is even harder to write good Afro be…

Music Artistes and Commerce

The music business, just like it says, is a business. As a business, it is similar and no different to running any other type of business. Having the various sorts of expertise on hand is also a necessary tool. A manager, an accountant, publicists and a whole range of experts are also in the frame towards breaking an Artiste, bringing them to the attention of the world and exploiting the artistic work and concepts to their fullest.

I love music, in fact I seem to love all types of sound irrespective of genre. That way, I can be very genre unspecific. I either love it, like it and in a few unexceptional cases could be indifferent to specific songs and performances. I never hate somebody's music as long as the notes played are correct and the performance is geared toward the consumer's enjoyment and pleasure. The talent and quality of music produced and performed gets better all of the time. We are in an era of super talents who just happen to be emerging as a result of the digit…

Afro-Beat Classics at the Jazz Cafe

Fela Kuti's Birthday Celebration
Lovers and fans of Afro-Beat music converged on the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London  last night to celebrate the birth date of the late great afro-beat king Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.
Straight off a plane from Sweden, afro-beat ambassador Dele Sosimi arrived back in London from a music workshop at the Swedish Conservatoire to perform with his band, the Afro-Beat Orchestra, who were in top form. I can't find appropriate words to describe the band's performance. To say they were on fire, would still be an understatement. Fela would have been proud of his protege and the quality of their show.
Dance music fans and those of us who have been followers of this genre from it's inception were treated and rewarded with nostalgic classics such as, Lady, Shakara, Sorrow, Tears and Blood, Coffin for Head of State, Mr Follow follow, Water no get Enemy to mention but a few of the array of Fela's hit tunes.
Fela's birthday the fifteenth of october, is celeb…

Artists in the Plus

A big thank you to Artists in the Plus, for an exciting live gig on Gplus and YouTube last night. I stayed up a bit late and initially thought I'd missed some or most of the event. However, I happened to check in at just the right time. It was great.

It is a fascinating and a neat concept that could become another vehicle to showcase artistes and their talents. Last night proved that our planet is abundant with creative people, talented artistes enriching the lives of others with their art.

It was an amazing feat co-ordinating and making this work, but it worked and I am impressed. Hope we get more, thank you Artists in the plus for the invite.


Celebrating African Music

This month has been a great month for African music, the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden hosted Afro beat giant Tony Allen and his Naija Centric Orchestra on friday 31st of august, saturday 1st and sunday 2nd of september, 2012. Great beats and dance galore as the venue kicked up dust, the audience couldn't help but vibe and shake to the great tunes. The aisle and the space between the audience and the stage area had beautiful people, mostly females dancing and having a good time.

Guest performer, Damon Albairn was superb, performing "every Season", a track he collaborated and wrote with the one and only Tony Allen and also a new song which has recently been recorded by these two musicians who are among the nicest people in an industry racked with egomania and selfishness. Easily rated as the best drummer on the planet today, the doctor of drums as he is fondly called by his fans was in his element and the beats just kept on coming. Yinka shonibare of Deloitte Ignite 1…

Art in Design

Fundamentals of Art & Design

Art in design, what does it mean? There is a strong artistic element in design that enables the designer to communicate an idea that influences all of us to aesthetically appreciate and admire. Just as there is art in design, there is also an element of design in art.

The different areas of design concepts vary depending on the desire of the person commissioning a design work or the designer's actual intention of what his/her vision and intention should be. Looking at design concepts from different perspectives, especially the end products, even we the audience and admirers can actually interpret what we are  witnessing in different and unique ways.

To mention just a few areas of design and some art amongst which are Industrial design, Interior design, Fashion design, Garden design and so on and so forth. A lot of these jobs will start with a sketch and drawings that guide the designer and enables him to plot out all elements from his ideas that will …

Stepping Out!

Dear Valued Reader, 

This short message is to announce that we are spreading our wings and now have a dedicated website exclusively for Music Art in Design.

What does this mean? It means good news because now there is a proper company behind this concept which shows you the reader of this blog, exactly how serious we are about bringing our services to your door.

The company is called, and while we are making preparations to launch, the UK branch is now up and running. We aim to showcase the work of talented artistes in the three areas of music, the arts and design. The natural extension of showcasing the works of talented individuals and collaborating artistes is to advertise and market these works.

Although still a work in progress, you can now at least visit and peruse where we are presently. It should also give you an idea of where we are headed and with your goodwill and support, we will be serving your needs and getting products to you at a…

The World of Music, Art in Design

The world of music art and design, also that of music art in design are very different indeed. The peoples of the world cannot live as well or as comfortably without these.

Music is an essential part of the human condition and there is no country in the world where music is not a part of the culture. The same applies also to the fields of art and design. These three, music art design contribute immensely to our happiness and well being as humans.

The creative source and inspiration that produces the best works in music art, art in design differ from one practitioner to the other.

Featured here will be tips and ideas for the consumers of these products and also links to related businesses in these fields.

So welcome to my palace of music, my roomful of designs and my museum of art.

The palace of music, featuring cross genre material, also has some of the coolest sounds around. Listen, define and analyse the popular music and sounds of yesterday and today, reaching the point that prepa…