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Stepping Out!

Dear Valued Reader, 

This short message is to announce that we are spreading our wings and now have a dedicated website exclusively for Music Art in Design.

What does this mean? It means good news because now there is a proper company behind this concept which shows you the reader of this blog, exactly how serious we are about bringing our services to your door.

The company is called, and while we are making preparations to launch, the UK branch is now up and running. We aim to showcase the work of talented artistes in the three areas of music, the arts and design. The natural extension of showcasing the works of talented individuals and collaborating artistes is to advertise and market these works.

Although still a work in progress, you can now at least visit and peruse where we are presently. It should also give you an idea of where we are headed and with your goodwill and support, we will be serving your needs and getting products to you at a…

The World of Music, Art in Design

The world of music art and design, also that of music art in design are very different indeed. The peoples of the world cannot live as well or as comfortably without these.

Music is an essential part of the human condition and there is no country in the world where music is not a part of the culture. The same applies also to the fields of art and design. These three, music art design contribute immensely to our happiness and well being as humans.

The creative source and inspiration that produces the best works in music art, art in design differ from one practitioner to the other.

Featured here will be tips and ideas for the consumers of these products and also links to related businesses in these fields.

So welcome to my palace of music, my roomful of designs and my museum of art.

The palace of music, featuring cross genre material, also has some of the coolest sounds around. Listen, define and analyse the popular music and sounds of yesterday and today, reaching the point that prepa…