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Celebrating African Music

This month has been a great month for African music, the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden hosted Afro beat giant Tony Allen and his Naija Centric Orchestra on friday 31st of august, saturday 1st and sunday 2nd of september, 2012. Great beats and dance galore as the venue kicked up dust, the audience couldn't help but vibe and shake to the great tunes. The aisle and the space between the audience and the stage area had beautiful people, mostly females dancing and having a good time.

Guest performer, Damon Albairn was superb, performing "every Season", a track he collaborated and wrote with the one and only Tony Allen and also a new song which has recently been recorded by these two musicians who are among the nicest people in an industry racked with egomania and selfishness. Easily rated as the best drummer on the planet today, the doctor of drums as he is fondly called by his fans was in his element and the beats just kept on coming. Yinka shonibare of Deloitte Ignite 1…

Art in Design

Fundamentals of Art & Design

Art in design, what does it mean? There is a strong artistic element in design that enables the designer to communicate an idea that influences all of us to aesthetically appreciate and admire. Just as there is art in design, there is also an element of design in art.

The different areas of design concepts vary depending on the desire of the person commissioning a design work or the designer's actual intention of what his/her vision and intention should be. Looking at design concepts from different perspectives, especially the end products, even we the audience and admirers can actually interpret what we are  witnessing in different and unique ways.

To mention just a few areas of design and some art amongst which are Industrial design, Interior design, Fashion design, Garden design and so on and so forth. A lot of these jobs will start with a sketch and drawings that guide the designer and enables him to plot out all elements from his ideas that will …