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Antibalas at Islington

Antibalas is another word for bulletproof. Antibalas the band have a strong affinity with Africa in general and West Africa in particular.

Their West African connection and influence is expressed in the Afrobeat music they play so well. The beginnings of their musical quest as an Afrobeat orchestra started over a decade ago and their steady progress, has been an eye opener.

African style beats enhanced with Soul/R&B guitars make up a rhythm section that carries the funk to the listener or dancer. Sleek, fusion style keyboard work takes the music to a different level and creates an exciting, groovy and dance orientated mood for the listener. Top it all up with a jazzy horn arrangement and you are playing Afro beat, the most exciting sound around today. Song lyrics are usually satire and some are social messages highlighting the struggles of everyday life.

Although my description may sound oversimplified, it is. Afro beats is not easy to play and it is even harder to write good Afro be…