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Making money from within the Music Industry!

Not every aspiring musician will make a name for themselves while working within the music mainstream, but you can still make a decent living even though you may not be riding high.

Some even say the real money is outside of a recording contract. I know that a lot more jobs exist within the industry for non musicians. True, the industry relies on outside forces to make the whole package work as a business. It has always seemed to be like this...

Within the record company are the personnel who support the execs, the A&R people, secretaries, the
Accountants and the general office staff. Then you have the recording studio with their crew of engineers, administrators, producers, the songwriters, publishers and session musicians.

Mastering of the recordings are usually sub-contracted out and these facilities have their own crew working and earning as well. The product, usually a CD also needs to be pressed at a plant and this will require a graphic artist to work on the cover. The artwork …