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Drum King

Saturday 30th November:

The young man came up to me. He asked how I knew the person I sat next to; The one and only Tony Allen who, to those that should know, is considered the best living drummer on our planet.

I could only stammer out a feeble reply, that I'm probably his number one living fan on the planet. Though there is much more, the answer is just as good as any.

I was at the venue Richmix in East London as Tony's guest. An event arranged by young Londoners for Tony Allen to do a Q&A., give a demonstration and sign his autobiography titled "Tony Allen An Autobiography of the MASTER DRUMMER OF AFROBEAT."

It was a nice event where many percussionists, rappers, freestylers, singers and artists grabbed with both hands, an opportunity to perform with and for their hero, the doctor of drums, Tony Allen.

Tony Allen's autobiography
As I got my own copy of the book signed and endorsed, The master drummer asked about the message I want inscribed by him. I racked my b…

Hello Friends!

Music Widget from Me to You.
I love to interact with my followers, friends, circles and extended circles. You guys are quality over quantity. Once again, I say thank you for your friendship.
As the pressures of daily life hit us right between the eyes, something from within the human spirit gives us the strength and determination to fight back and reverse the negative trends. These challenges come to different people in different ways, but the source that overcomes them, is the same in everyone.
Today, most of us on the planet are going through challenging times. In this part of the world, it is a recession. Other parts have their hands full with wars and strife. So in a way, we who face recession are the lucky ones. It is important to find a positive in every situation.
I firmly believe in the capacity of the human spirit to overcome and reverse negative situations. It is why we make music, art and design. We have an appreciation of culture and beauty in our DNA.
The good times will come …

Pictures From Affordable Art Fair

Battersea Park 24 - 27 october
I want to share my experience of the Art Fair. 

I cannot adequately express in words, the creativity of the human soul. The pictures here should give an idea of the abundance of talent that exists on our planet.
Great Art at affordable prices were abundant at the fair. Art lovers were everywhere and it was a joy to meet the exhibitors.

More photos and a detailed write up on this exhibition is currently on the blog page at I hope you like them!

Battersea Park 24 - 27 October!

AffordableArt FairI love Art! It stimulates the imagination and inspires. I am also thankful to live in the UK, a country that is a beacon of freedom for all peoples. The country is also a haven for creativity, a country where a person can express their individuality without let or hindrance. 
This October, at Battersea Park, Affordable Art Fair will be bringing to the masses an exhibition with all the art on show priced from £40 to £4,000. Their concept is simple - you don't have to be a millionaire to buy art, you just need to know what you like.
Whether you are an experienced collector, or are new to speculating and buying art, you'll certainly be spoilt for choice. There will be over 100 national and international galleries coming together under one roof, bringing paintings, photographs, sculpture and prints for all to enjoy.
Galleries will be exhibiting works by well known names and new emerging artists. You can chat with the different galleries in friendly and knowledgable …

Every Picture Tells A Story!

Here's A Few!!
Coming to A Boutique Near You.
The carvings were a gift from my brother. I've been looking for any retailer that stock these in London, but I can't seem to find any. Do you know anywhere? Or anyone? Call or E-mail.
Okay! Here are some photos of people having fun.
Pictures from The 11th London African Music Festival A part of the audience
Sound Check! Goodnight Folks...

Visit Bodederek blog to know more!

The Artist

An Artist's Tale:
I was talking to this guy, happens to be an Artist. He told me how art has been the passion of his life. Had a home studio from sixteen. Lucky guy.
Anyway, later, he was exposed to working metal and from there developed and got involved with metal sculpture. He's now been painting and doing sculpture for over thirty years.
He told me how each painting or sculpture begins with some form of planning and study. Although the creative juices only begin to flow while the piece itself begins to grow. (As I'm writing this, the BBC is interviewing a London Street Artist John Dolan - Spooky). 
While he is creating the work, there is an element of unpredictability that excites, an eagerness that drives until he completes the piece. With the end product entirely in the hands of the observer, the Artist can only hope he has depicted ideas and emotion in ways that stretch the imagination, conveying the same kind of excitement the artist experienced during the work.
I asked …

The London African Music Festival (Participants)

Now in it's eleventh year, the London African Music Festival kicks off on Friday 13th September until Sunday 22nd September, 2013.

The Artists performing this year are as follows:

13th to 15th September
Friday,13th September:Hideaway in SW16 will be the legendary Osibisa.
Formed in London way back in 1969, this was the first Afro-funk band to achieve international success with their big sound introducing the fusion of African and Western vibes to audiences worldwide.

Richmix in E1 is Guy Schalom and the Baladi Blues Ensemble.
The emergence of Egyptian street music (Baladi) is poised to hit the big time. Baladi blues ambassadors Guy Schalom and Sheik Taha will be taking it one step further with their creative hybrid sounds.

The Vortex Jazz Club hosts Malick Pathe Sow and Bao Sissoko.
This duo creates a heart-warming and magical performance where the soft sounds of African Harps and lutes weave together and blend naturally with the warm and welcoming voice of Sow. together they create music…

Osibisa Warrior Sunshine Day 1983

Joyful Noise...

A little taste of who is coming to town later in the summer! Happy, happy music.

More later,



Why is Bode trying to write a supernatural thriller?

Brand to Stand

Participants at Affordable Art Fair 13 - 16 June, 2013

Galleries and their Artists:

Some of the Art Galleries and Artists whose works were showcased at Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, London last month are mentioned below.

Sol Art Gallery based in Dublin deal in art by some major artists. They also have practitioners whose works are interesting and very affordable. Ann Flynn, Paul Digby, John Hurley and Francis O'Toole are amongst the numerous names on their books. To check the roster of talent and their works, visit

Decorazon from New York displayed some breathtaking work. On display among the many were very impressive art from MK Semos. A talented artist who could someday become a household name. In the capable hands of Decorazon ,who have a professional approach to their displays, a friendly and realistic approach in promoting art, you couldn't ask for more. Check them out at

Long & Ryle are based in Pimlico, London. A comprehensive roster in the capable hands of partners Sarah Long and …

Venice Art Walk and Auctions

In support of Venice Family Clinic came a chance to pick up exceptional art at opening bids, were the works of artists like Billy Bergston, Kelly Berg, Helen K Garber, Patrick Haemmertein and lots more.

Below are some of the works on display.

Affordable Art Fair 13 - 16 June 2013

Affordable Art Fair is currently taking place at East Heath Street, Hampstead Heath and will end on Sunday 16 June 2013. Showcasing the works of emerging artists as well as a few well established names, this is a must for all lovers of great art. All the exhibits on sale are affordable and within the reach of most.

There is a lot of great art, sculptor and photographic work on display. Well organised, this fair is for everyone. It is also an opportunity to buy great art from artists that will some day become household names.

With prices ranging from £40 to £4,000 it could be an investment opportunity for some.

It will appeal to seasoned art collectors and first time buyers. There are also workshops aimed at visitors who want to try their hands on creating their own art there and then with the guidance of tutors from Hampstead School of Arts. This is an ideal day out for families to visit. The kids would love it.

The gallery owners are friendly and responsive. The works on display are brea…

A Piece of Saluting The Black President!

17th May 2013 was the day of the concert Saluting the late King of Afro Beat, Fela Kuti held at 229 Gt. Portland Street. It was a promotion remembering Fela's unique contribution to music in general and a continuation of a great musical legacy. 

Below just out on Youtube, is the kick ass song "shuffering & shmiling" (for real) performed by Dele Sosimi's Afro-Beat Orchestra...

There are more clips of this concert on Youtube.


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A bit of Wes Montgomery!

He played guitar his own way. Did not use a pick (plectrum) but could make his instrument sing. That was Wes Montgomery!

It's magic to me to see his love for guitar. This guy could play!

The music within jazz. The jazz within music.

Glad to be back! 

Love Music, Love Art, Love Design...