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Every Picture Tells A Story!

Here's A Few!!
Coming to A Boutique Near You.
The carvings were a gift from my brother. I've been looking for any retailer that stock these in London, but I can't seem to find any. Do you know anywhere? Or anyone? Call or E-mail.
Okay! Here are some photos of people having fun.
Pictures from The 11th London African Music Festival A part of the audience
Sound Check! Goodnight Folks...

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The Artist

An Artist's Tale:
I was talking to this guy, happens to be an Artist. He told me how art has been the passion of his life. Had a home studio from sixteen. Lucky guy.
Anyway, later, he was exposed to working metal and from there developed and got involved with metal sculpture. He's now been painting and doing sculpture for over thirty years.
He told me how each painting or sculpture begins with some form of planning and study. Although the creative juices only begin to flow while the piece itself begins to grow. (As I'm writing this, the BBC is interviewing a London Street Artist John Dolan - Spooky). 
While he is creating the work, there is an element of unpredictability that excites, an eagerness that drives until he completes the piece. With the end product entirely in the hands of the observer, the Artist can only hope he has depicted ideas and emotion in ways that stretch the imagination, conveying the same kind of excitement the artist experienced during the work.
I asked …