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Hello Friends!

Music Widget from Me to You.
I love to interact with my followers, friends, circles and extended circles. You guys are quality over quantity. Once again, I say thank you for your friendship.
As the pressures of daily life hit us right between the eyes, something from within the human spirit gives us the strength and determination to fight back and reverse the negative trends. These challenges come to different people in different ways, but the source that overcomes them, is the same in everyone.
Today, most of us on the planet are going through challenging times. In this part of the world, it is a recession. Other parts have their hands full with wars and strife. So in a way, we who face recession are the lucky ones. It is important to find a positive in every situation.
I firmly believe in the capacity of the human spirit to overcome and reverse negative situations. It is why we make music, art and design. We have an appreciation of culture and beauty in our DNA.
The good times will come …

Pictures From Affordable Art Fair

Battersea Park 24 - 27 october
I want to share my experience of the Art Fair. 

I cannot adequately express in words, the creativity of the human soul. The pictures here should give an idea of the abundance of talent that exists on our planet.
Great Art at affordable prices were abundant at the fair. Art lovers were everywhere and it was a joy to meet the exhibitors.

More photos and a detailed write up on this exhibition is currently on the blog page at I hope you like them!