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Drum King

Saturday 30th November:

The young man came up to me. He asked how I knew the person I sat next to; The one and only Tony Allen who, to those that should know, is considered the best living drummer on our planet.

I could only stammer out a feeble reply, that I'm probably his number one living fan on the planet. Though there is much more, the answer is just as good as any.

I was at the venue Richmix in East London as Tony's guest. An event arranged by young Londoners for Tony Allen to do a Q&A., give a demonstration and sign his autobiography titled "Tony Allen An Autobiography of the MASTER DRUMMER OF AFROBEAT."

It was a nice event where many percussionists, rappers, freestylers, singers and artists grabbed with both hands, an opportunity to perform with and for their hero, the doctor of drums, Tony Allen.

Tony Allen's autobiography
As I got my own copy of the book signed and endorsed, The master drummer asked about the message I want inscribed by him. I racked my b…