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African Composers Series 2

Aubrei Woki and The Kalahari
My photos were terrible but the music was good. You can see below how I messed it up. The music was terrific, in stark contrast to the pictures I snapped that evening.

That was Saturday, 8th March at Vortex Jazz Club. On stage, Aubrei Woki and The Kalahari playing their hearts out entertaining an audience of music lovers. The final part of the African Composers Series, Aubrei's band Kalahari were in form.
A native of Botswana, Aubrei has been a musician, bassist and composer for over thirty years. He has performed with high profile artists and legends during those years. Hugh Masekela, Dudu Pukwana, Township Express, Pinise Saul and The South AfricanGospel Singers.
The set list were tracks from their latest CD "Money." A collection of Southern African music that told stories about life in Africa. It was an exciting evening, the excitement must have been too much to bear and I as a result, took the worst photographs ever.
I put my hands up that I g…

Music News

AfricanComposers Series 2:
Lucky Ranku and his band entertained and impressed last thursday evening at Vortex Jazz Club.
Part of the second series this year featuring African composers. Those of us at this event were entertained with beautiful songs, great melodies that brought back memories. It was a reminder that South African Township Jazz is still alive and kicking.
The veteran guitarist and composer played to a packed audience of music lovers. Every seat was taken but that was okay, the rest of us were in the open area at the back, vibing and dancing to the music.

This event transported me back to the Apartheid era of the 1970s and 80s when as exiles, Lucky Ranku and his friends lived and gigged in London, sometimes touring and in the process made a name for themselves on the circuit.
"Most of the guys I played with have passed on, that's why I have these young people in my band. I can at least pass the baton to them so the music can keep evolving." He said.
A great event…