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Rough Science the Band

Innovative excursion into Ska, Fusion and originality
Rough Science at the Record Club
A week after the launch of their new CD, I sat in a Kentish Town restaurant with Joe Blake. The drummer and a leading member of the band, Rough Science and we discussed their gig in Camden the week before.

The gig at the Record Club in Camden Town, was to mark the official launch of Rough Science's double EP on that Saturday 29th March and the venue was filled with fans, family, friends and well wishers.

The band put on a good show with thrilling songs like "Turning Me On", "Battered and Bruised", "Rebel" and the kick ass song "Our Way" as well as the other tracks from the new album now on sale on iTunes. In my opinion, this band with their own unique and original repertoire of contemporary Ska and fusion had a sound all their own.

Ace drummer Joe is an experienced musician. He had his first record deal at sixteen years old and hasn't looked back. The other…