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Naija Grooves with Yomi Bashiru!

Wednesday 21st May:
Pure African dance music featuring the different elements and expressions of the Fuji, Highlife, Afro-beat and Juju is how I can describe Yomi bashiru's music.
The melodies, rhythm and lyrics are uncompromisingly Nigerian. The categorisation is described in the name Yomi calls his band,Naija Grooves.
Another evening of African music at Vortex Jazz Club last Wednesday. 

If you love to dance, or have been to a happening party in Lagos Nigeria, you will appreciate the tunes even more. The sound of the talking drum accentuated this fusion of the different genres blended together with guitars, keyboards and sax jazzed the music up to another level.

Most Nigerian parties would be incomplete without this type of music. It is the ideal sound that inspires the men to get up on the dance floor with their women and dance the night away.

I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more about Yomi Bashiru in the very near future.
Oya O, let the spraying begin...
Peace out!

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