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Using Images

Heightening Your Profile:

Are you sharing images across social platforms?

If you're not sharing images of your performances. Stuff that could resonate with your fans or visitors to your web page and other platforms, you're missing out.

Do you want new fans as well as keeping the ones you've already got? If the answer is yes, read on...
Images or visual content is more effective in Social Media. It gets your message across faster than audio, text or even video. There is power in pictures (What I usually refer to as PIP). It can't be restricted to only Pinterest and/or Instagram. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are aware of this trend and are beginning to showcase images as well. Power in Pictures (PIP) reminds me of the popular phrase, "Every picture tells a story." An image or picture can sometimes communicate more effectively than a thousand words on a page, depending on the context.If you're a performer and are actively working, performing live regularl…