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Joe Sample - A Tribute

A tribute to Joe Sample and The Crusaders

Joe Sample died on 12th September, 2014. He was seventy five years old.

Mr Sample was a keyboard player extraordinaire and composer. A founder member of the Jazz Crusaders that later became the Crusaders in 1971.

Since forming the Crusaders, Joe Sample has recorded over twenty one solo albums in over five decades. Several tracks from these recordings were later to be sampled, helping to create new interpretations and work for younger artists. Amongst these was 2Pacs track "Dear Mama." ( 2Pac - Dear Mama)
An innovative composer and instrumentalist, he was a pioneer of the contemporary jazz form. Achieved by reaching back to primary sources in jazz, Interpreting classics of soul, be-bop and other forms of music by composers as diverse as Jelly Roll Morton, The Gershwins, Al Jolson, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and many others.
Re-defining these powerful legacies, he established his reputation as a solid and imagin…