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Vinyl is Back!

And so is Feferity...

This vinyl produced by Decca West Africa of I.K. Dairo and his Blue Spot Band captures vintage vinyl audio of the period. The audio sound and scratches depended on which record player you played the record itself on, and whether the needle is free of dust (it's customary to blow the dust off  first) before contact with the needle, also if grooves within the plate itself, is not too worn from constant play.

Then it got better as more and more durable disks and needles improved with the technology of the period.

I.K. Dairo was a popular African musician of the era. A strong influence on how modern African music would evolve. To find out more, The clip is how the earliest overplayed vinyl sounded.

Like I said, vinyl is back and it'll be interesting to see how the story is going to play out. 

The appreciation of vinyl records by a new generation is a good thing. It'll give them a sense of what came before, assess where…

Black Messiah - D'angelo

D'Angelo and The Vanguard - Ain't That Easy

I'm not a music critic and I don't like to review music, art, design or anything else. I do notice trends. Once in a while, some art form surfaces that gets people both within and outside the industry talking.

D'angelo's 14 year hiatus doesn't seem to have been a wasted one. His new album Black Messiah is on the market and it's got people talking. Some hate it, others just don't get it. Many however, love it.

Over a decade without a release is a long time, especially in a job that demands a high profile, releasing and touring constantly to stay relevant.

The fact that the album is being talked about is a good thing. It means people are taking notice.

I like it because it's unique to him. His personality is in there in the sound. Different tracks also have flavours of Sly Stone, Prince, Stevie Wonder etc. taking me on a journey back down memory lane. He pays tribute to the great artists in this way but still…