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Sousou Maher Cissoko

Husband and wife duo Sousou and Maher Cissoko are one of the modern faces of contemporary African music.

They've created their own unique blend, a fusion of Western and African styles.

Sousou is from Sweden. She was introduced to the Kora by her musician father who, in the early nineties performed with Gambian Griot musician Alagie Mbye. 

Maher Cissoko comes from a well known Griot family from Casamance in Senegal. He learned the Kora at an early age.

Together, they have travelled the world, introducing the joy and artistic exuberance that flows from their format. 

Sousou Maher

Their extensive travel has influenced their style, their technique and sound. They won the "Best Newcomer" prize in 2010 at the Swedish Folk and World Music Gala.

2011, they won Band of the Year.

Flyover Portobello

The photos come from their performance at The Flyover Portobello on 21st September 2014 during the London African Music Festival.

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