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Ebo Taylor Concert

At Union Chapel..

It was Saturday the 26th of September at Union Chapel, Islington. 

The event was the 13th London African Music Festival and Ebo Taylor's band had the audience practically rocking and dancing in front of their seats and the aisle. 

Nobody sat down throughout the ninety minute gig. 

At the very end, they screamed and whistled for more. This audience wasn't taking no for an answer and the band came back on stage for an encore.

Before the start of the show, I somehow managed to talk my way backstage (I couldn't sneak in, I'm too distinct a fellow for that sort of thing) and ran into the great man himself.

It was quite a pleasant surprise that the soft spoken, multi-talented musician, guitarist, composer and arranger remembered me from back in the day. 

Ebo Taylor and his band showed why they are at the fore front of the afro-beat genre. 
From what I gathered later from the band members, their shows are always like this. 
They'd been touring europe for a while …