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Monica Denevan

The photos called out to me as I walked by. I ignored the impulse to pause and inspect, but the cry was insistent. I wont lie, I paused and perused.
It was my introduction to Monica Denevan's work of  fine photography. 
To say I was blown away is still an understatement.
Examples of Monica Denevan's work can be found online where there are plenty of references to many of her exhibitions across the United States, Hong Kong and Cambodia. 
She was winner of the 2008 International Photography Exhibition Award at the Centre of Fine Art Photography in Colorado.
The Art Fair I was present at, was exhibiting the connection made during her travels through Burma and China, evolving from ordinary people and their immediate environment.
Monica Denevan utilises a simple roll film camera to capture her images in classical black and white, reflecting centuries of unchanging habits full of a visual vitality and natural symbolism. 
Her subjects are intimately connected to current surrou…

A Brother's Progress

Art at the Free Space Gallery
An exhibition of artworks by artist Catherine Chambers from the time she lived with the local community at Lalibela in Ethiopia. 

A Brother's Progress echoes William Hogarth's "Rakes Progress" a telling of  fluctuating opportunities with consequent success and some unexpected outcomes.

The narrative here, is told mostly in the resident artist's own words and are just as real as the paintings themselves.

The inspiration came when Catherine spoke to a guy and his life reminded her of William Hogarth.

The Opportunity: Wendmu works long hours in a coffee shop, and looks forward to seeing his girlfriend in the evening. He is befriended by a German tourist who buys him a Tuk-tuk.

The Deal: Wendmu has worked hard and saved some of his profits. As he had been promised, the German loans him more money to buy a taxi. Wendmu will now have to spend nights away from home while driving from town to town.

The Levee: Wendmu and his friends in a local rest…

Hampstead Heath

Affordable Art Between £100 and £5,000

The sixth edition of the Affordable Art Fair will be in full swing this time next week on Hampstead Heath.
Over 100 galleries will be showcasing a wide variety of art, paintings, prints and sculpts by home grown and international talent. Prices for works will range between £100 and £5,000.
A Charity Private View event will be held on Wednesday, 15th June in aid of Anthony Nolan, a charity that helps those who are diagnosed with blood cancer and are in need of stem cell transplants.
The charity matches patients with volunteer stem cell donors to facilitate life saving transplants. The charity also supports patients and their families to campaign for change and to pioneer new treatments.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 16 – 19 June 2016 is the ideal opportunity to see great art as a connoisseur, as a private buyer looking to invest in new talent, or just finding works to decorate your home, while having a summer day out with the family.

An Evening Summer S…

Vinyl Sundays

Vinyl is Back

It's back! I did a post about it in January, last year. Here is the link: Vinyl is Back.

Have you ever wondered how your vinyl would sound on a full club sound system? Here's the opportunity.

It starts from 5pm on Sundays at Market House in Brixton until late.

Two days from now. Sunday 29th, if you've got some time on your hands, mosey on down there with, or without records under your arm.

It's still a Feferity event and if you're still wondering what that means. It means you didn't read the bottom half of the post with the link above.

This is a Bank Holiday Sunday one, it should be good.

It's a chance to relax, drink, dance, talk and compare disks.

If you cannot make it this Sunday, no worries. Freestyle and his friends are there every Sunday.

So, are you coming? Bring an album...It'll get played!


Tomorrow's World

A Future By DesignTechnology is making our lives easier. No question.

But isn't it about time that we used current advances, developments and the giant leaps we have made technologically, to redesign how we all live on this planet?

With the resources we have used to make war upon one another, we could have fed the populations many times over.

Negative energy, hate, intolerance and prejudice can all be reversed.

The Venus Project is the brain child of Jacque Fresco, a man who has questioned conventional wisdom from a very early age. A self taught designer, his vision, wisdom and intellect is represented in his designs. 

Jacque Fresco turned 100 years old in March 2016. 

He knows we can build better societies free of want, poverty, hunger, wars and disease. 

The transition from the current system to a more progressive, fairer and better way for all, is unlikely to be painless, but it will definitely be worthwhile.

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if…

Affordable Art Fair

Battersea 10th - 13th March
The Affordable Art Fair opens in Battersea on the 10th March for this year's exhibition of great art, in the coolest environment, The Battersea Evolution.
The venue Evolution, is slap bang in the middle of Battersea park. The nearest entrance is the Chelsea Bridge entrance.

Are you looking to start your very own art collection? You'll need to visit and see displayed, great art at their most affordable. 

The prices range from £100 up to £5,000 for original artwork. A great opportunity for anyone to purchase affordable art. "Owning art has never been so easy," for anyone looking for something to put up on the wall, or have as an investment.

This is one of the most family friendly events and is a recommended fun day out for all the family.

The Affordable Art Fair is accessible, inclusive and inspiring and has become a phenomenon taking place in cities around the world.

Those cities include Amsterdam, Brussels, New York, Milan, Singapore, Hamburg, Se…

Introducing Kuku

A Soldier of PeaceMeet Adebola Kuku, a unique singer/songwriter who ended up swapping a machine gun from when he was in the US military for a guitar. 

The discipline and training from army life hasn't done him any harm either, as those were easily transferred into his current profession. 

He has turned out to be a disciplined and hardworking musician.

An artist that would equally have been at home as a R&B/Soul singer. His material has a strong African influence developed into a style that is essentially all his own.

Kuku is naturally rhythmical, an inheritance from his Yoruba African roots. He has exquisite melodies and a voice to die for. 

Songwriting comes easy to this guy and I'm sure there is a lot more to come from him... So watch this space.

Here are some useful links for Kuku ....

The essential Kuku is expressed more succinctly in the clip below.

Adios Amigos...

New and Improved Museums

On the way..
This year, there will be at least eight new and improved museums opening in different parts of the world.
One of them is the new National Museum of African American History and Culture on 14th Street and Constitution, Washington, DC, US scheduled to open this autumn.

The architect is London based David Adjaye. In an interview with Al Jazeera TV, he says, "I think what the world will see is that the African American story is not a footnote but probably a lens to really understand America, to this day."

The only institution of it's kind, the museum is building a collection designed to illustrate the major periods of African-American history, beginning with the origins in Africa and continuing through slavery, reconstruction, the civil rights era, the Harlem Renaissance right up into the 21st Century.
Other interesting Museum projects are..
The Palestinian Museum Birzeit, Palestine was scheduled to open in May, 2016, but it's founding director Jack Persekian rece…

London Art Fair

20th to 24th January
Modern British and Contemporary Art at the Business Design Centre in Islington from Wednesday

The 28th edition of the London Art Fair begins on Wednesday 20th until Sunday, 24th January. 
Some of the features; "Art Projects" will present contemporary art from around the world. Other interesting features should be "Dialogues" and "Photo50"
If you're an art lover and would like to attend on any of the above dates, all the information you'll need is here
Edgar Modern art gallery will be at Stand G17. 
They'll be showcasing the new works of John Harland, David Martin, Mhairi McGregor, Jessica Cooper, Dominic Hill, Helen Sinclair, Lyle Conbajal and others.
They'll also be featuring new collections from Henrietta Dubrey, Ronald F Smith and Mungo Powney.
It's one objective (Stand G17, I mean) that you can have on your radar as you arrive. 
If you're an art lover, whatever your taste, you should …