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Introducing Kuku

A Soldier of PeaceMeet Adebola Kuku, a unique singer/songwriter who ended up swapping a machine gun from when he was in the US military for a guitar. 

The discipline and training from army life hasn't done him any harm either, as those were easily transferred into his current profession. 

He has turned out to be a disciplined and hardworking musician.

An artist that would equally have been at home as a R&B/Soul singer. His material has a strong African influence developed into a style that is essentially all his own.

Kuku is naturally rhythmical, an inheritance from his Yoruba African roots. He has exquisite melodies and a voice to die for. 

Songwriting comes easy to this guy and I'm sure there is a lot more to come from him... So watch this space.

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The essential Kuku is expressed more succinctly in the clip below.

Adios Amigos...

New and Improved Museums

On the way..
This year, there will be at least eight new and improved museums opening in different parts of the world.
One of them is the new National Museum of African American History and Culture on 14th Street and Constitution, Washington, DC, US scheduled to open this autumn.

The architect is London based David Adjaye. In an interview with Al Jazeera TV, he says, "I think what the world will see is that the African American story is not a footnote but probably a lens to really understand America, to this day."

The only institution of it's kind, the museum is building a collection designed to illustrate the major periods of African-American history, beginning with the origins in Africa and continuing through slavery, reconstruction, the civil rights era, the Harlem Renaissance right up into the 21st Century.
Other interesting Museum projects are..
The Palestinian Museum Birzeit, Palestine was scheduled to open in May, 2016, but it's founding director Jack Persekian rece…