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Tomorrow's World

A Future By DesignTechnology is making our lives easier. No question.

But isn't it about time that we used current advances, developments and the giant leaps we have made technologically, to redesign how we all live on this planet?

With the resources we have used to make war upon one another, we could have fed the populations many times over.

Negative energy, hate, intolerance and prejudice can all be reversed.

The Venus Project is the brain child of Jacque Fresco, a man who has questioned conventional wisdom from a very early age. A self taught designer, his vision, wisdom and intellect is represented in his designs. 

Jacque Fresco turned 100 years old in March 2016. 

He knows we can build better societies free of want, poverty, hunger, wars and disease. 

The transition from the current system to a more progressive, fairer and better way for all, is unlikely to be painless, but it will definitely be worthwhile.

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if…