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Vinyl Sundays

Vinyl is Back

It's back! I did a post about it in January, last year. Here is the link: Vinyl is Back.

Have you ever wondered how your vinyl would sound on a full club sound system? Here's the opportunity.

It starts from 5pm on Sundays at Market House in Brixton until late.

Two days from now. Sunday 29th, if you've got some time on your hands, mosey on down there with, or without records under your arm.

It's still a Feferity event and if you're still wondering what that means. It means you didn't read the bottom half of the post with the link above.

This is a Bank Holiday Sunday one, it should be good.

It's a chance to relax, drink, dance, talk and compare disks.

If you cannot make it this Sunday, no worries. Freestyle and his friends are there every Sunday.

So, are you coming? Bring an album...It'll get played!