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A Brother's Progress

Art at the Free Space Gallery
An exhibition of artworks by artist Catherine Chambers from the time she lived with the local community at Lalibela in Ethiopia. 

A Brother's Progress echoes William Hogarth's "Rakes Progress" a telling of  fluctuating opportunities with consequent success and some unexpected outcomes.

The narrative here, is told mostly in the resident artist's own words and are just as real as the paintings themselves.

The inspiration came when Catherine spoke to a guy and his life reminded her of William Hogarth.

The Opportunity: Wendmu works long hours in a coffee shop, and looks forward to seeing his girlfriend in the evening. He is befriended by a German tourist who buys him a Tuk-tuk.

The Deal: Wendmu has worked hard and saved some of his profits. As he had been promised, the German loans him more money to buy a taxi. Wendmu will now have to spend nights away from home while driving from town to town.

The Levee: Wendmu and his friends in a local rest…