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Monica Denevan

The photos called out to me as I walked by. I ignored the impulse to pause and inspect, but the cry was insistent. I wont lie, I paused and perused.
It was my introduction to Monica Denevan's work of  fine photography. 
To say I was blown away is still an understatement.
Examples of Monica Denevan's work can be found online where there are plenty of references to many of her exhibitions across the United States, Hong Kong and Cambodia. 
She was winner of the 2008 International Photography Exhibition Award at the Centre of Fine Art Photography in Colorado.
The Art Fair I was present at, was exhibiting the connection made during her travels through Burma and China, evolving from ordinary people and their immediate environment.
Monica Denevan utilises a simple roll film camera to capture her images in classical black and white, reflecting centuries of unchanging habits full of a visual vitality and natural symbolism. 
Her subjects are intimately connected to current surrou…