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Fela Kuti - Cross Examination

Fela "Music Is A Weapon" as you'll see

Below you'll find a YouTube clip of Fela Kuti and Africa 70 performing a classic Afro-Beat tune titled "Cross Examination." Although the performance took place at the Berlin Jazz Festival in 1978, the sound hasn't dated and still sounds just as fresh and exciting today as it did at that time.

It actually reminds me of the comprehensive show at the Africa Shrine in Lagos during those heady days. The live performances at Shrine were usually songs that Fela hadn't released as recorded music. 

We the fans were treated to music no-one else was aware of unless they came to a live show. This exclusivity brought fans and lovers of the fledgling genre to Shrine in droves.

The song is a political tune, indicting the African Military dictators that seized and monopolised power in a lot of the independent nations on the continent shortly after independence. 

Accusing the soldiers of seizing power by force in military coups and …

London Design Festival 2017

Design Frontiers
Is taking place at Somerset House right now.
The event began on Monday, 18 September and will conclude on Sunday, 24 September.
The first feature here is the main supporter of Design Frontiers. Jaguar

Design Frontiers is a curated and free exhibition that actually illuminates the thinking and working processes of design practitioners, each one renowned for re-defining and leading their respective field.
It's supported by Jaguar and explores the intersection between futurism, commerce, innovation and the demands of the modern marketplace.
More photos will be posted on this site of designs that are creating thought provoking innovations and show how designers are testing the frontiers of their industry.
So watch this space!
Visit the site or contact for more information


Pinise Saul

The Irrepressibly talented

Jazz singer who passed away on 26th October, 2016 will be remembered for a long time.

Click the link to readJohn Fordham and Adam Glasser's Obituary in the Guardianabout Pinise.

On 1st December 2016 a live performance honouring her took place at the 100 Club, by colleagues.

Rather than dwell on the sadness and how much she would be missed, we celebrated her life and her music.

Still, she leaves a vacuum on the circuit and remembered one year later for her joyful and spirited voice, it's a pleasure to listen and learn from one of South Africa's greatest singers.

We miss you Pinise Saul!


Art and Sun!

Colorfield Gallery's
Essentials for the Summer of 2017...

David Ferreira
Code Barre - 3D  100 x 100cm Mixed Media on Plexiglass 2017 (Unique)

Toto et Sa Femme 120 x 120 cm Mixed Media on Plexiglass and Canvas 2017 (Unique)

Peacock Toto 120 x 120 cm Mixed Media on Plexiglass and Canvas 2017 (Unique)

Cactus 150 x 50 cm Mixed Media on Plexiglass 2017 (Unique)

Charlie and Felix 61 x 50 cm Mixed Media on Canvas 2017 (Unique)
Charlie 61 x 50 cm Mixed Media on Canvas 2017 (Unique)

Robert Sgarra
Tintin - Missing Puzzle 150 x 107 cm and 100 x 80 cm

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Once told his father,
"papa, I will be famous one day!"
 He began his first art project as a collaboration with Al Diaz a friend and former classmate, it was a graffiti project called SAMO (Same Old Shit). 

They'd simply tag their character all around the streets of Manhattan.
Jean-Michel had the talent and the ability to paint on whatever was in front of him and he often did.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the tag "SAMO IS DEAD" began to appear all over New York City signalling the end of his collaboration with Al Diaz.

Basquiat (who sometimes spelled it Basquit) came into prominence around this time, propelled by an article by Rene Ricard for ARTFORUM magazine titled, The Radiant Child
The article brought him into public consciousness and he became famous. 
It was exactly as he'd told his father when he was very young.
Top 20 Jean-Michel Basquuiat Quotes

The celebrity lifestyle would eventually bring him into close proximity and friendships with David Bowie, Andy…