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Battersea 18th until 21st October

The Affordable Art Fair
Is back once more for the Autumn show and you'll find them set up at Evolution in the middle of Battersea Park until Sunday.

This is a seasonal showcase where you'll find the most inspiring collection of original and contemporary art all under one roof.
I'm a cheap and cheerful kind of person, so I feel quite at home roaming aisles and looking at the works of over 1,000 artists from paintings, limited edition prints and sculptures at affordable prices that suits anyone's wallet or taste.

This event is ideal for people who want to browse, purchase and take away artworks of their choice. If you're a collector or an investor go and check it out. You can thank me later!

If you have some free time this weekend, you can make it a family day out. Just hit the website HERE

It's all there and happening right NOW.


Fela Kuti

Prolific and innovative...

Multi instrumentalist, musician and songwriter was remembered all over the world with various shows and multiple accolades showered on the man every year on October 15, his birth date.
The Fela story has also acquired so much myth and legend that sometimes it's hard to begin to separate the truth from the fiction.
What is certain today is that the cultural icon has been built into an industry of epic proportions. 
Fela Anikulapo-Kuti's live sets at the Afrika Shrine were very colourful to see, the music was exquisite and the atmosphere was always electric.
A popular song at the Shrine was the track below; "Monkey Banana." It's epic Fela, who could be hilariously funny during the yabis sessions at the Shrine. 

When it came to jokes, Fela could dish them out with relish and could also receive them in a good natured manner.

Felabration 2018… Legendary 80th posthumous birthday for Fela by
Celebrating this musical icon, please enjoy th…